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The Hormeta Laboratories, a

family story

A family story

The story of this prestigious brand begins on the heights of Lake Geneva.

In 1949, Maurice Chaponnier, chemist, herbalist and researcher, studied the benefits of oligotherapy. During his research, he highlights the incredible power of trace elements on the body and more specifically on the skin.

A pioneer in his field, he came up with the idea of introducing them into cosmetic skincare products, and founded HORMETA Laboratories.

Perpetuating the work of his father, Jean-François Chaponnier succeeded him and developed exceptional anti-aging treatments inspired by the prestige of rare and precious ingredients from Swiss nature

In 2014, the Bouchara family took over the reins of the company and continued the work initiated by its founders.

With their experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, founder of Bouchara Laboratories and owner until 2011 of the Uriage Dermatological Laboratories, they then embarks on a new adventure: to make the brand reknowned throughout the world.

Very quickly, the Bouchara family perceives the pioneering potential of using trace elements on the skin. A unique science is born: Oligocosmetics.


A legacy of


Swiss certified products

70 years after their creation, Hormeta Laboratories are still located in Switzerland, near Geneva.


From research and development to manufacturing, logistics and commercial, and marketing strategy via packaging and dispatch, HORMETA Laboratories oversee all steps of the production chain in a centralized system that ensures total control over the excellence of their products.

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guarantee of


Synonymous with quality since their creation in 1949, Hormeta

Laboratories are members of Swisscos, the Swiss Association of

Cosmetics, which guarantees the manufacture and packaging of

their products in Switzerland.


They also benefit from the ISO certification ensuring good manufacturing practices.


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